posted Apr 27, 2017, 4:15 PM by Michael Motherway
    • Stacey Foster had reached out to the Richards family (as Gilly elected me to do). I think Gilly thought it was Nathan that was doing some volunteer work at Thomson but it is actually his brother. I spoke with the brother and told him to have Nathan contact us, explained why, and he said he would pass the message on to his mother but that Nathan was at college and not sure if he could do it (?). I am happy to continue efforts if this is still an interest of BRC....if so, I might have to do a little undercover operation to obtain Nathan's contact info unless Gilly could assist.


*Our "buddy bench" was officially installed this week. We held grade level meetings to discuss the purpose and mission of the buddy bench. The kids are super excited!

*Holiday coat drive is in full gear.

*We had a wonderful Veterans Day assembly honoring our service men, and this year the Exchange Club honored Gilly for his service honoring veterans.

*Our grade level meetings with Guidance this month have focused on the theme of kindness and inclusion. The students watched a short Pixar clip called "For the Birds" and discussed the video then broke into small groups to brainstorm alternative responses that demonstrated our RAISE values.