The Department of Student Services, its programs and school-based professionals, provide prevention and intervention services to Pre-K through adult students (up to age 22 years). Direct services are provided by means such as education, counseling, consultation and individual assessment. Student services are delivered by an integrated team of professionals who are uniquely trained to address the academic, social/emotional, college and career, and health and wellness development needs of all students. This is a systematic approach that delivers services to students and their families. Student support services are a vital part of comprehensive school program success.

RAISE Awareness
New on North Andover CAM: RAISE Awareness

RAISE Awareness is a new North Andover CAM program hosted by Dr. Donna Straight, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services. This program will highlight different departments which work independently and collaboratively to support the students, families, and staff of the North Andover Public Schools.

The Department of Student Services is comprised of many departments working independently and collaboratively for students, staff, and families:

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Dr. Donna Straight - Asst. Superintendent 
Laura Hardiman - Admin Assistant 

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