Mission & Expectations

The mission of North Andover Public Schools is to cultivate a respectful community of engaged learnersinsightful thinkers, andeffective communicators.
Our Academic Expectations
Through our work teaching essential standards across disciplines in grades K-12,
  • North Andover students will be engaged learners who actively explore material to acquire and comprehend new knowledge.
  • North Andover students will be insightful thinkers who find meaning by applying critical
  • North Andover students will be effective communicators who share knowledge and insight through written, oral & artistic expressions.
Our Social-Emotional Learning Expectations
Civic and character education is vitally important to the development of well-rounded students. Our Building Respectful Community (BRC) initiative highlights the values associated with RAISE through which…
  • North Andover students will demonstrate respect. They will think about others before speaking or taking any action. They will appreciate the contributions of others, while showing respect for themselves, other people, personal and/or community property and the environment.
  • North Andover students will demonstrate achievement. They will exercise their best effort and judgment in all activities in which they participate and will set goals that promote positive academic, social, and personal development.
  • North Andover students will demonstrate inclusion. They have a responsibility to break down barriers by inviting new people into teams, circles of friends, and experiences as they work to be a unified, collaborative community.
  • North Andover students will demonstrate service. They believe the growth and improvement of a relationship and community depends on the willingness of others to contribute support to the greater good.
  • North Andover students will demonstrate empathy. They will be aware of and consider another person’s situation, feelings or motives before speaking or taking action.