Message from Gregg Gilligan, Assistant Superintendent

The North Andover Public School district subscribes to an integrated system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment commonly known as standards-based education. Standards-based education is framed around three guiding questions: 
  1. What do we want students to know and be able to do? 
  2.  How do we know that they know it? 
  3.  How do we respond (when they don’t or when they already know it)? 
North Andover’s curriculum is driven by agreements about content that every student should know and skills every student should master. Instruction is guided by data from assessments that tell whether or not students have adequately learned those skills, and scaffolding strategies are in place to assure every student has access to effective opportunities to learn.

The belief that every child is capable of learning and succeeding academically is the cornerstone of our philosophy and the foundation of daily academic practices. High expectations, a positive learning environment, and outstanding and dedicated faculty enable students to achieve their personal goals. Most importantly, we encourage family and community participation as all students need the encouragement and active participation of their family and community.

The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks generate the foundation of our instruction. While the Frameworks are of high quality, results driven and focus on world-class standards–they will always be considered as works-in-progress and will continue to be refined to strengthen them and keep them current.

Our goal is to ensure that the organization of learning is clearly defined and delivered with the highest possible competency to enable all North Andover Students to achieve and exceed state standards. We encourage parents and guardians to become active participants in their student’s educational journey.


Gregg Gillian - Asst Superintendent
Cindy Parent - Admin Assistant