The basis of Arts education at North Andover High School is to provide students with the opportunity to express and communicate through visual and performing
arts. The infinite language of art has the ability to translate on various levels, breaking through the confines of normality, and creating new margins of self-
awareness. In instances where words are limited, such as the explanation of human emotion, fine art provides an outlet for creative expression. Visual and
Performing arts can be a way of personal disentanglement, and leads to social and intellectual development. These are universal mediums that can transport us
to other times in history, create a visual connection to our inner self, and unite us with different treasures of world culture. There is a solid relationship between
creating in the Fine Arts and mastering critical problem-solving skills, as it reinforces imaginative thinking and instinctive trust. Students learn to embrace mistakes, which can sometimes create a path for innovation and unanticipated results.

The National Standards for Arts Education and the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework ask that by the time they have completed high school, students should know and be able to do in four arts disciplines – dance, music, theatre and the visual arts – the following:
  • Communicate at a basic level in the four arts disciplines (dance, music, theatre and visual arts).
  • Apply both imagination and rational thinking to the making of art.
  • Understand the value of reflection and critical judgment in creative work.
  • Present and perform art publicly, with confidence, pride, and distinction.
  • Use artistic literacy as a natural enhancement to learning other subjects.
  • Understand how world cultures have been historically influenced and shaped by the arts.
  • Understand the ways in which the arts contribute to contemporary life.