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Thematic units lead students to appreciate a new understanding of world cultures and languages. Through rigorous study, students learn greetings, verb conjugation, vocabulary, appreciation of foreign cultures and their traditions. Students demonstrate their skills through speaking, listening and writing. Students’ learning from across the curriculum is reinforced through the study of a World Language.

Unit Pacing Highlights

Basics of World Language and Culture

September - October 

  • Greetings, Cognates 
  • Why do we learn a foreign language? 
  • Expressing Name, Origin, Age 
  • Pronunciation (basic rules) 
  • Alphabet / Spelling 
  • ABC book project 
  • Subject Pronouns Agreement 
  • Definite and Indefinite Articles

Cultural celebrations and number sense


  • Plural/singular 
  • Day of the Dead Project and celebration 
  • Numbers 0-1000

Time and usages


  • Colors, Time, Time dialogue 
  • Days of the week 
  • Months of the year 
  • Dates, Calendar project 
  • Weather, Seasons

Present tense verb conjugation and understanding

January - April

  • Subject pronouns 
  • AR verbs, Negatives 
  • Estar, Agreements with estar 
  • ER, IR and Go-Go verbs 
  • Tener 
  • Ir and Ir + a + infinitive

Food, Family and a wrap up dialogue

May - June

  • Spring dialogue 
  • Food vocabulary 
  • Menu and Skit project 
  • Possessive adjectives 
  • Ser 
  • Characteristics 
  • Family vocabulary 
  • Family tree project
The students build on the vocabulary and grammar skills they acquired in seventh grade. Through thematic units, students review and focus and build on their understanding of present tense verb conjugations, article - noun - adjective agreement, sentence structure and vocabulary variety. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to connect prior knowledge to current themes. Students demonstrate their skills through speaking, listening and writing.

Unit Pacing Highlights

Who am I?

Talking about myself and others

September - November

  • Basic Personal Questions 
  • Express Name, Origin, Age 
  • Numbers, Dates, days 
  • Pronunciation (basic rules) 
  • Alphabet / Spelling 
  • Adjectives 
  • Subject Pronouns 
  • The verbs to be and to have 
  • Agreement 
  • Word order 
  • Articles 
  • Family members 
  • Expressing possession

What do I do?

Talking about activities

November - December

  • Infinitives 
  • Regular Verb Conjugations 
  • Frequency expressions 
  • Yes/no vs. open ended questions

What do I wear?

Describing what people wear in different situations

January - February

  • Clothing 
  • Colors 
  • Adjectives and prepositions to describe clothing 
  • Placement of adjectives and prepositions

Where do I go

People and places in the community

March - April

  • Professions vocabulary 
  • The verb to be to express location 
  • Places in the Community 
  • Home vocabulary 
  • Location phrases 
  • Giving directions with commands

What do I like to eat? 

Food and Restaurant Expressions 


  • Food vocabulary 
  • Stem changing verbs 
  • The verb “to like” 
  • Indirect Object Pronouns 
  • Restaurant Expressions

Can I translate authentic documents? 


  • Recipe vocabulary 
  • Translation Workshop - Recipe books