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English Language Education Program

Welcome to North Andover Public Schools’ ELE Program Home Page. Our ELE Program serves approximately 100 students in grades K-12 from a range of cultures worldwide. While our ELE enrollment is comparatively low, our administration and staff work diligently to provide a supportive and academically sound program for ELE students and their families. ELE services are provided in both the classroom by SEI trained teachers as well as in small group sessions by SEI (Sheltered English Instruction) certified teachers.

ELE students in North Andover have access to all academic support programs such as Title I, Special Education and tiered classroom interventions. They also have access to extra-curricular activities that are available to all students. There are many offerings at our schools, and the guidance staff, principals and ELE staff encourage our ELE students to participate in the many school-sanctioned events.

These pages are designed so that parents, students and teachers are able to easily access the information they need to help out EL students achieve academic success.