ELE Curriculum

Our ELE Program is designed to help students learn English as a second language as they continue to advance their studies in the regular education program. It is our goal that your child acquires sufficient skills in English to enable him/her to participate effectively in the regular education program without EL services. The ELE Program recognizes that students learn English at different rates. The program intends to transfer students out only when they are fully ready.

The ESL Curriculum in North Andover is based on the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards and is aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks through the Common Core. ELL  students are assessed using the ACCESS assessment tool in January.

The North Andover Public School District uses a comprehensive, research-based curriculum created by National Geographic and Hampton Brown and recommended by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  At the K-5 level, Avenues provides academic vocabulary development, accessible reading selections and multi-level teaching strategies. Grades 6 through 8 use Inside, and students focus on the development of speaking and listening skills.  Students in grades 9 through 12 use Edge which gives students access to high school standards with specialized instruction in building reading and writing skills.