Kindergarten is a critical year for all children: a year of transition from preschool programs–or home–to formal schooling. Most children arrive in kindergarten filled with curiosity, wonder, and an enthusiasm to learn about themselves, others, and the world. A teacher's role and responsibility is to nourish this hunger for knowledge, and to motivate and challenge the students, as well as to protect and nurture them.

The process of learning for children at this age is as important as performance and products. Several studies have demonstrated that high-quality kindergarten programs have long-lasting positive effects on academic achievement. Children who see themselves as competent learners tackle challenges with confidence, and develop attitudes and dispositions that encourage their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Kindergarten Learning Experiences, a document put together by the Massachusetts Department of Education, is intended to guide teachers as they plan and provide diverse learning opportunities that help their students develop a solid foundation for more advanced learning and for life. Other kindergarten related resources are also available online at www.doe.mass.edu/ess.


Learn more about what your kindergartener will be learning. View the Parent Curriculum Information page.

Early Childhood Complex Expansion

We need to expand the Early Childhood Center to add classrooms for our kindergarten program in order to reduce elementary class size. This will create a centralized kindergarten, freeing up needed classrooms at all of the neighborhood elementary schools. We anticipate that the new kindergarten complex will be open for the start of school in September, 2018. 
ECC ExpansionGet more information about the ECC Expansion Project

Kindergarten Registration Process

Before beginning the kindergarten registration process please review the North Andover School Committee’s Residency Policy JF-AB.