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Math - Family Resources

Math - Family Resources

In case you missed it - here's the presentation from the NAPS Eureka Math Family Info Night on 10/23.

Introducing Eureka Math!

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This year, North Andover Public Schools has adopted Eureka Math as our K-6 curriculum resource. We are excited to have a consistent rigorous curriculum across the district. NAPS educators have begun this journey with support from Valerie Drinan, K-6 math coach, and Kara Larcome, STEM director. Throughout the year, we will continue professional development around this new resource during collaborative morning meetings and early release time.

Why Eureka?

The School Committee unanimously voted to adopt Eureka Math based on the recommendation from NAPS educators and administrators who have been investigating options since the spring of 2015. Eureka math was chosen because it is a

  • researched based curriculum aligned to the standards;

  • rigorous curriculum that has an equal intensity of application to the real world, fluency required to solve complex problems efficiently, and development of a conceptual understanding of math;

  • curriculum that develops a community of mathematicians who are engaged in the mathematical practices and higher order thinking.

How can you help your child?

  • Ask your student to explain their thinking of how they got to an answer.

  • Reinforce that there is often more than one way to solve a problem.

  • Encourage a “growth mindset” and tell your student that being good at math is about working hard and persevering.

  • Have fun with activities that involve math such as cooking (measuring, combining), shopping (comparing prices, weighing, sales), card games, games with dice, etc.

Where can you get further information?

  • Your child’s classroom teacher

  • NAPS Eureka Math Information night for K-6 parents and caregivers

    • OCTOBER 23 @ 7:00 p.m. in the NAHS Auditorium

  • NAPS Math - Family Resources Website - (
  • Eureka Math website:

Remember, change takes time!

Everyone’s learning a new way of thinking. Students are learning not just the process for solving a problem but also why that process works. They are learning to flexibly think about numbers and are building their toolbox of strategies and ways to problem solve, rather than just memorizing facts and formulas. Teachers are getting familiar with this new resource and learning how to incorporate the various components during their math block to meet the needs of their students. Parents and caregivers are learning new ways to think about math that are often different than how they learned.

Thanks for your support as we work together to develop a respectful community of engaged learners, insightful thinkers, and effective communicators!

Eureka Math Family Info Night