Technology Department
Supporting a Rigorous Curriculum

One of the North Andover Public School District's objectives is to provide a consistent and rigorous curriculum that encourages all students to learn to the depth and distance of their abilities and leave our schools with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career and life. As part of this objective, one initiative is ensuring that our schools have sufficient access to technology and provide our faculty with up-to-date instructional materials. 

Model Classroom

The big question is, "What is the model classroom?" The model classroom consists of four basic tools:
  1. Computer (which all classroom teachers already have) 
  2. Mounted Projector (not interactive) 
  3. Document Camera 
  4. Wireless Connectivity to the Projector from computer 
The four components work seamlessly together and require only basic instruction to begin using them effectively in the classroom. All of the products we chose will work with the teacher's laptops as well as the student's Chromebooks. The goal is to provide the tools teachers and students need so they can more easily collaborate and share information with each other.

Watch this short video about the Model Classroom:

Technology Staff

Mike Grant - Director
Kathy DiTroia - IT Analyst
KC McCormack - IT Analyst
Martha LeGrow - IT Analyst
Francene Mailloux -  IT Analyst
Patty Shaffer - Data Specialist
Alicia Murray - Data Specialist
Hillary Stasonis - Web Master
David Brodeur - Network Manager

Library Media Staff

Courtney Ahearn (Sargent, Thomson)
Liz Sinclair Fisher (ABECC, Atkinson)
Laura Harrington (High School)

Primary Online Resouces

G Suite (Classroom, Docs, Drive)
Frontline (MyLearning Plan)

Student Computers

Chromebooks - 2000+
iMac - 100+
iPad - 100+
Android - 50+