While Massachusetts has always had a strong commitment to education, the state's public schools have been recognized as national leaders on many fronts in recent years, thanks to the hard work of teachers, students, families, and communities.

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How is North Andover leading the nation?

Through initiatives outlined in our Strategic Plan we are able to cultivate a respectful community of engaged learners, insightful thinkers, and effective communicators. Specifically, we implement targeted, innovative, learner-centered experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge to authentic situations, with a focus on civic engagement, social justice, and empowering global leaders.

School Culture/Climate - RAISE 

RAISE enables students and teachers to share a common language around social interactions and personal growth. Our RAISE initiative highlights the values associated with building a respectful community: North Andover students will demonstrate Respect, Achievement, Inclusion, Service, and Empathy.

Instructional Leadership

North Andover students benefit from a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning which includes the 5-year Curriculum Plan, regular Instructional Rounds, an innovative Coaching Model, a Collaboration Toolbox, and Technology Supports.

Innovative Partnerships

Our students continue their learning outside of the classroom and challenge themselves to learn and grow beyond the standard curriculum. Learn more about our Innovative Partnerships with local and national groups.

Social/Emotional Learning

North Andover is one of the few districts in Massachusetts with a Social/Emotional Learning department. SEL is not a single program or teaching method. It involves coordinated strategies across classrooms, schools, homes and communities to prioritize five competencies: Social Awareness, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, and Relationship Skills.

North Andover By the Numbers


Our four-year high school graduation rate has increased over the last three years, with the 2016-17 rate of 97.1% exceeding the state average of 87.5% by 9.6 points.

Our drop-out rate has continued to decline over the same three year period, with no students dropping out during the 2016-17 academic year.

North Andover exceeds the state average in:
Attendance Rate (95.2% vs 94.6%)
Average # of days absent (8.4% vs 9.3%)
Absent 10 or more days (30.4% vs 33.3%)
Chronically Absent (9.1% vs 13.5%)
Unexcused Absences (0% vs 15.8%)


Students at the High School scored higher than state averages on the 2018 MCAS tests.

Students placed in the Advanced category as follows: ELA: 61%  - Math: 61% - Science: 50%

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