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Kindergarten Information



Before beginning the kindergarten registration process please review the North Andover School Committee’s Residency Policy JF-AB.

Step 1: Online Pre-registration - Now Open

The North Andover Public School district has created an online registration portal where you can pre-register your student(s). As you begin the pre-registration process, you will see in the instruction paragraph a link to a document that provides information regarding your student's area school and transportation eligibility based on your home address.

Step 2. Attend District-wide Kindergarten Information Meeting

March 6, 2017 6:30 pm at 
North Andover High School, 430 Osgood Street

Step 3. Attend Kindergarten Registration Night

Please check the kindergarten timeline below for information on dates and times for the neighborhood school kindergarten registration nights. At kindergarten registration night you will be required to provide the documentation listed below to school officials. If you are unable to attend your neighborhood school registration night, please contact Kindergarten Coordinator Judy Rogers

Your student is not officially registered until you provide your school office with all of the required materials listed below:

Kindergarten Curriculum/Essential Standards
Kindergarten Learning Experiences

Kindergarten is a critical year for all children-a year of transition from preschool programs or home to formal schooling. Most children arrive in kindergarten filled with curiosity, wonder, and an enthusiasm to learn about themselves, others, and the world. A teacher's role and responsibility is to nourish this hunger for knowledge, and to motivate and challenge the students, as well as to protect and nurture them. 

The process of learning for children at this age is as important as performance and products. Several studies have demonstrated that high-quality kindergarten programs have long-lasting positive effects on academic achievement.1 Children who see themselves as competent learners tackle challenges with confidence, and develop attitudes and dispositions that encourage their curiosity and eagerness to learn. 

This document, Kindergarten Learning Experiences, is intended to guide teachers as they plan and provide diverse learning opportunities that help their students develop a solid foundation for more advanced learning and for life. Kindergarten Learning Experiences and links to related resources are also available online at
North Andover Kindergarten Curriculum Brochure