Meet Our New Teachers - 2018/2019
This year we welcomed over 40 new teachers to the district! As is our tradition, a video profiling each of our new teachers is below, so you can meet the newest members of our team. 

Thank you to NACAM who filmed and edited this video.
Mary Lacey, 2nd Grade, Kittredge
Kelsey Garvey, Kindergarten, ABECC
Kara Loth, 3rd Grade, Atkinson 
Michelle Downey, Special Ed., Sargent
Deanna LeBlanc, 1st Grade, Thomson
Angela Sateriale, 3rd Grade, Kittredge
Joan Rizzo, Reading, Sargent
Kristen Gazda, Kindergarten, ABECC
Kimberly Burk, 2rd Grade, Thomson
Nicole Abrams, Special Ed., ABECC
Kathryn Dieli, Speech Therapist, ABECC
Richard Manzi, 8th Grade Math, NAMS
Katelyn Wood, 4th Grade, Franklin
Laura Stevens, Adjustment Counselor, NAMS
Alyssa Dolan, Special Ed., Thomson
Sandra Christensen, Special Ed., NAHS
John Sarabia, Science, NAHS
Shauna Levin, Adjustment Counselor, Thomson
Julie LeBlanc, Speech Therapist, Thomson
Tiffany Ross, Special Ed., ABECC
Kristen Perrotti, Adjustment Acounselor, ABECC
Jessica Maille, Special Ed., Thomson
Kerry Flaherty, Art, Kittredge
Michael Hodnett, 5th Grade, Franklin
Alexis Hagberg, 4th Grade, Franklin
Laura Rex, Special Ed., Atkinson
Lauren Zaimes, Special Ed., NAHS
Elizabeth Sinclair Fisher, Library Media Specialist., ABECC
Cory Soroka, Special Ed., Franklin
Ashley Tomich, 2rd Grade, Atkinson
Megan McGuirk, Evaluation Team, Franklin
Darlene Ronchetti, French, NAHS
Kristen Havey, Special Ed., NAMS
Konstanze Schiller, World Languages, NAHS
Gina Diachisin, Special Ed., NAMS