Student Registration

If you are registering your child(ren) for kindergarten for the new school year beginning in September please click here: Kindergarten Registration Process


Before beginning the student registration process please review: 

North Andover School Committee’s Residency Policy JF-AB:
North Andover School Committee's Entrance Age Policy JEB:

Step 1: Online Registration Process

The North Andover Public School district has created an online registration portal where you can pre-register your student(s). As you begin the registration process, you will see in the instruction paragraph a link to a document that provides information regarding your student's area school and transportation eligibility based on your home address.* You can also access the street/school matrix here.

Step 2. Contact your school

After completing the registration process, parents should telephone their area school office(s) and leave a message requesting a call back to schedule an appointment and review the paperwork that will be required to complete your student's registration.

Your student is not officially registered until you provide your school office with all of the required materials listed below:

Required Documentation

*Due to large enrollment numbers in some grade levels, new students may be reassigned from their area school to an alternate North Andover Elementary School.

Important Resources