Winter 2018 - Project Updates

Next School Building Committee Meeting: April 10th @ 5pm Construction Blog

Pre-Construction & Manufacturing

In December 2017, the School Building Committee awarded Triumph Modular the contract to build the 16 classroom kindergarten addition. The project entered the pre-construction phase in January. During the pre-construction phase, Triumph will work closely with the design and management teams on fine-tuning building details prior to commencing the modular building production off site, at the factory in Pennsylvania. The entire modular building will be fabricated by NRB Inc., Triumph’s modular building manufacturer. The manufacturing will commence in early spring and will be ongoing until the middle of June. Once completed, the building will be disassembled, loaded on flatbed trucks and transported to the building site in late June.

Site Work in the Spring

While the modular building is in production, Triumph will mobilize to the school site to perform site and foundation work. This work will be done in collaboration with the Town’s site contractor. With school being in session, all site work and contractor mobilization will be phased. Weather permitting, contractor mobilization will begin at the end of March. This initial mobilization will include a limited construction fenced area with signage, where Triumph can start their preparation for site and foundation work. The fenced construction area will host a small construction trailer. All construction personnel are required to undergo background checks and construction personnel will be limited to access within the fenced construction area. A site representative will be assigned to oversee all visitors to the site as well as other logistics during construction hours. Most work associated with the temporary site and building access provisions are anticipated to be done during the April school break. 


The school department has been working closely with the design and construction teams to identify the best and most efficient way for traffic flow and drop off/pick up logistics while school is still in session. Traffic communication plans will be distributed to the school community in early March.

Building Delivery & On-Site Assembly

Site and foundation work will continue through the beginning of June. The modular buildings are expected to arrive in North Andover in late June. A small crane will be placed on site for a short period of time to be used for building assembly. The on-site assembly process will continue through mid-July. Once the building is assembled, interior work will commence along with the minor renovation of the existing ECC. Prefabrication of the building off site allows for the interior work to be completed in less time than traditional construction, leaving time for inspections and punch list items to be completed prior to the beginning of school year.

The new ECC complex is expected to be ready for teacher move in on August 20 and ready to welcome over 400 students on the first day of the 2018-2019 school year.