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        Welcome to the Franklin School Health Office

5/4/17 - ILLNESS ALERTS: SEASONAL ALLERGIES: While the illnesses have decreased somewhat after April vacation, it is peak time for seasonal allergy sufferers. Please make sure that your child is taking their allergy medication regularly, and encourage them to wash their face and hands after coming in from outdoors to lessen the likelihood of rubbing pollen into their eyes and worsening the symptoms. 

Starting next fall, we will be transitioning from the orange paper Health Information Update forms to Power School. Just as we ask each year for you to provide the school nurse with updated medical information about your child, you will be required to complete the health update section on Power School electronically, and to contact the school nurse during the year if there are any additional changes. Parents will receive an email later this spring with instructions about accessing the Parent Portal, as well as as an account number so that you will have confidential access to your child's Power School health update page.

3/2/17 - Welcome back everyone - it seems as if February vacation was a welcome break for many families and staff who have experienced way too much illness this winter! We are however still seeing influenza in the community, and flu season is expected to continue for the next several weeks. Please remember to notify the school nurse if your child develops any contagious illness such as flu, strep, impetigo, conjunctivitis, head lice etc. so that we may monitor and track any outbreaks in individual classrooms. 

3/2/17 - HEALTH EDUCATION: February is National Dental Health Month, and Franklin second graders were fortunate to have Dr. Peter Devlin, a local dentist, come to speak with them this week about dental health and hear some tips to help keep their smiles bright and shiny! Kindergarten students will be having a dental lesson with the school nurse in the next few weeks. First grade students are learning about the importance of a healthy diet, and how to incorporate all of the different food groups to create a balanced "rainbow plate."

According to the CDC, there is widespread flu being reported now in Massachusetts, as well as in most other parts of the country. We have had a number of reported cases at Franklin during the past few weeks, and many are occurring in students who have already been immunized earlier in the year. For information about influenza please check the CDC website. Please also take the time to update emergency contact information so that persons listed are local and are able to pick up your child in a timely manner if you are unavailable to do so. This is for the privacy and comfort not only of the sick child, but for all those who frequent the health office during this very busy winter illness season. 

2/1/17 - ILLNESS ALERTS: We are continuing to see many of "winter type" illnesses such as strep throat, upper respiratory infections, viral stomach illness and conjunctivitis. Please refer here for illness information and important reminders about  school medication policies. Because flu season isn't expected to peak for another month or so, there is still plenty of time to get a flu shot!

INFORMATION ABOUT SCHOOL SCREENINGS: Vision and hearing screenings have now been completed in all grades. In addition, first and fourth grades students have undergone growth screenings as per Massachusetts Department of Public Health requirements. While we very often do pick up vision or hearing issues during the screenings, please understand that screenings are not the same as having a more thorough, diagnosistic exam performed by an eye doctor or audiologist. If your child did not pass the school vision or hearing screening, you have been notified that your child needs to be referred to a specialist for further evaluation. It is important to make an appointment and return the referral form to the health office when completed so that we can keep your child's health record up to date and to make any additional recommended educational accomodations.
 If you would like to obtain the results of your first or fourth grade child's growth screening (BMI), please feel free to contact the school nurse.

Franklin School Nurse

Elizabeth Marshall, BSN RN NCSN

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