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Welcome to the Franklin School Health Office

WELCOME TO SCHOOL YEAR 2019-20! I look forward to meeting new students and families, and working together to strive for a healthy and successful year for all! Please check this site often for news about illness trends, health tips and health education initiatives. 

12/4/19 - ATTENTION GRADE 5 PARENTS: SCOLIOSIS SCREENING will be taking place on Tuesday, December 10th (Boys) and Wednesday, December 18th (Girls). If you do not wish for your child to participate in this screening, please provide a doctor's note which states that your child has been recently screened and includes a date and result of the most recent screening. 

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12/4/19 - Please check here for some tips about how to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season.

11/13/19 - While we have been lucky so far this year, mostly because of the warm fall we had, absences have begun to increase as we see the start of typical winter illnesses such as colds, strep, stomach bug and the like. Please make sure that you and your family get a flu shot if you haven't already. This continues to be the best means of protection and flu vaccine is widely available from your physician as well as many local pharmacies. It is expected that we will start to see cases of flu reported in our local area in the near future.

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9/26/19: SCHOOL SCREENINGS are now underway. Students in grades 1-5 all undergo vision and hearing screenings yearly, while growth (heights, weights, BMI) screenings take place only in grades 1 and 4. Scoliosis screening will be performed in grade 5 later this year.Please remember that while screenings do frequently indicate possible vision or hearing issues, they are not meant to diagnose and if your child fails a screening they will be referred to a specialist for a more thorough examination. If your child is referred to a specialist, please make sure that you return the completed referral form to the health office so that your child's health record is up to date and we know of any classroom accommodations that may need to be considered. If you do not want your child to undergo any screening at school please send a note to the school nurse. 

8/15/19: AS THE SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS, it is extremely important to review and update your child's Power School health information section, and to please feel free contact me if there have been any changes in your child's health status and/or medications that you feel I should be aware of. 

SCHOOL CHILDREN  NEED TO BE WELL NOURISHED AND WELL RESTED in order to perform best during their long school day. Please strive to maintain a consistent bedtime and start NOW to establish a schedule that will allow your child to get enough sleep once school officially starts. Please also start planning what healthy snacks and lunches your child prefers and try to remember that all students have a designated snack time, and will need that extra energy boost during the day. The healthier the better!!

For more information about the school health program please review the Health Services section of the NAPS website. 

 School Nurse 

Elizabeth Marshall, BSN, RN, NCSN

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