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Kittredge Nurse

Welcome to the Kittredge School Health Office

Spring weather is finally here!  Help prepare your child for the season:

  • Footwear: Students should wear sneakers or tie shoes for Physical Education class and for playing on the playground and climbing on the structures. Schedules often vary at this time of the year with extra recess or PE day changes, please make sure your child is prepared with the appropriate footwear.

  • Sun Safety: Application of sunscreen before school is recommended. Hats and sunglasses provide extra sun protection on our sunny playground. Click here for more information about a new program providing sunscreen dispensers at select locations in town.

  • Snacks and water: Please remember to send a snack to school daily as well as a water bottle for adequate hydration.

  • Injuries If you child has an orthopedic issue, concussion or other injury please contact the school nurse so we are able to meet your child’s needs during the school day. Please obtain a doctor note when you child is cleared to return to activities.

For information about entry requirements and other health related news, please consult the Dept. links on the left.

When should you keep your child home from school? Please see the Reasons for Dismissal/Exclusion

 School Nurse 

Mary Hadjian, MSN, RN, NCSN

Kittredge Elementary School 
601 Main Street
North Andover, MA 01845

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When should you keep your child home from school?

Please see the