Activities & Clubs

Activities & Clubs

North Andover High School provides a variety of activities. These extra-curricular activties allow each student  to participate in supervised events, which encourage student involvement and school spirit. All students are subject to the academic eligibility code as stated in our Student Handbook. Students may present ideas for new student activities to the Principal. For more information please see the Student Handbook.

A Capella Club

The A Capella Club meets after school for about an hour three times each week. A Capella is a group of selected students in search of a continuation of their musical involvement. They perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts. 
Advisor: Ms. Durkin

Anime Club

The North Andover Anime Club is an organization dedicated to the appreciation of Anime and Manga, which are two different forms of Japanese art. 
Advisor:  Ms. Harrington

Art Club

The Art Club allows students to pursue their own art in an open studio, in a supportive environment. Each week students work on individual or group projects. The open studio presents opportunities for their creative spirit to flourish. Students usually participate in and Art Show in the spring.
Advisors:  Mr. Delmonico, Mr. Farrell, Ms. Biddle

Best Buddies

Best Buddies High Schools is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of students with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one and group friendships. The vision behind the program is to maximize social opportunities for high school students in the mainstream and special education classes by matching them in one-to-one and group activities. The goal is to establish foundations for genuine friendships, develop communication skills, build self-esteem, and enrich the lives of both participants.

High school students who commit to membership with this club can gain the following: a heightened awareness of what students with disabilities may experience; an opportunity to see behind labels that society can place on individuals with disabilities; and the ability to make a difference in someone else's life and their own. Buddy pairs and groups model acceptance and support for people with intellectual disabilities both in their school and surrounding community.

Best Buddies is led by the Chapter President, with support from a group of fellow students (officer corp) and the Faculty and Special Education Advisors. Throughout the year, the President and officers will plan group outings, activities, and fundraisers. We welcome all members to join at any point during the school year.
Advisors: Ms. Placet and Mr. Manning

Bourbon Red ( Literary Magazine)

Bourbon Red is the literary magazine for NAHS. This magazine is sponsored and published by the students. The students make up the Editorial Staff. The magazine is a compilation of articles, short stories and art work submitted by the student body. Bourbon Red meets every Monday after school. The Editors read, edit and select all entries for the magazine. The staff compiles the magazine and generates a hard copy for the printers.
Advisor: Ms. Paradise 

Color Guard (Eurythmics)

The Color Guard is an extension of the Scarlet Knights Marching Band. Members are taught the art of spinning a flag, rifle, or sabre along with intricate dance moves to tell the story that is being played by the band. This is open to all students.
Advisor: TBA

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is a vocal performance ensemble where students learn the fundamentals of music, ensemble singing and vocal technique. The Choir performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts, in and out of state festivals, home football games and various other community events. Membership is open to all NAHS students and no prior experience is necessary. Student must be enrolled in the Concert Choir course.
Advisor: Ms. Durkin

Concert and Marching Band

Symphonic Band is a performance-based ensemble that is open to all students who have successfully completed at least one year of band at the Middle School level. During marching season additional rehearsals will take place in the evening and/or on the week-end. The symphonic band will perform in multiple venues, including a winter and spring concert, festival opportunities in and out of state, and other various community events. Students must be enrolled in the Symphonic Band course. 
Advisor: Mr. Smalley

Cosmos Club

Cosmos Club is a high school weekly after school meeting which operates in the spirit of it's inspiration: Carl Sagan.
It explores the cutting edge fields of particle physics and cosmology, which are often so closely inter-related. We train young people in new thinking habits, breaking away from classical Newtonian mechanics to immerse in relativity, wave theory, quantum theory, probabilistic thinking, uncertainty, string theory. We also take regular field trips to related sites in our area, including several "telescope nights" every year at the Mendel Observatory, Merrimack College.

Ancillary goals:
  • Promote all physics programs, especially regular basic physics, at host high schools.
  • Open the imagination of students
  • Test academic and intellectual limits
  • Cosmos Club uses the "Physics for the 21st Century" curriculum.
Advisor: Mr. Odell

Dance Club

The Dance Club is a group of students who share a love of dance. Different individuals volunteer each week to lead a class, beginning with a warm-up and then teaching a combination or some choreography that goes across the floor. On occasion, Ms. Tracey will also teach a class. The point is to introduce various techniques and styles of dance. Since most of the students are from different dance studios, it is a nice way to dance together and acknowledge each other's talents. The students perform at the pep rally which serves as a type of debut. Students of all levels are encouraged to try a class. It meets every Tuesday from 2:15 to 3:45 p.m. in the Dance Room.
Advisor: Ms. Tracey

Debate Team

The North Andover High School Debate Team offers excellent opportunities for motivated students to participate in speech and debate events. The debate team encourages public speaking, effective communication, as well as political awareness within the student body.

Interscholastic tournaments are usually attended by the NAHS Debate Team between 2-3 weeks while meetings are on a weekly basis in room 1027 on Tuesdays. Events offered at the NAHS Debate Team range from argumentative debate to speech and performance. All are welcome.
Advisor: TBA

Distributive Education Clubs of America (D.E.C.A.)

Marketing education prepares high school students for rewarding careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. DECA helps students to develop skills for successful business careers, build self–esteem, experience leadership and practice community service. DECA members create friendships with like–minded people from all over the world at career and leadership conferences and build resumes that move them to the top of the job and college application list.

The objective of marketing education and DECA is to teach marketing and management skills in career areas such as hotel management, restaurant marketing and management, food marketing, department and specialty store retailing, industrial and international marketing, finance and credit, advertising, insurance, wholesaling and entrepreneurship.
NAHS students participate in the District DECA competition in December, and the State DECA competition in early March.
Advisors:  Mr. Marfione and Mr. Oberlander

Drama Guild

The NAHS Drama Guild is a student club and organization dedicated to providing theatrical experience to the students of North Andover High School.  Whether it be through acting, singing, dancing, improvisation, stage crew, technical crew, directing, stage managing, costuming, playwrighting, or anything else, the Drama Guild is a diverse group of students with a distinct passion for the theatrical arts.  Through the Drama Guild NAHS students are able to participate in 3 very different theatre experiences:  The Shakespeare Festival (fall), Massachusettes High School DramaFest (Winter), and the Musical (spring)

Advisors:  Ms. Curtain, Ms. Schoonmaker

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club meets once a week and the members discuss ways to take care of recycling and how to help clean up North Andover. The Environmental Club's main goal is to educate others about the environment and ways to help clean up the world that we live in.
Advisor:  Mr. Anderson

French Club

The French Club's members thoroughly love French culture and meet weekly to participate in various activities. The energetic and enthusiastic bunch enjoy cooking and eating crepes, listening to French music, and organizing events and fundraisers.
Advisor:  Ms. C Carroll

Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a club that welcomes all students to come together and discuss their differences in a safe environment. The GSA discusses ways to promote advocacy, education, and understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues. All students are invited to join this group.
Advisor:  Ms. McFarland

German Club

The German Club provides students with an opportunity to come together to share their interest in the German language and culture.  The club discusses current German events, cooks German food, watches German films, learns German folk dances and visits German events in the Boston area in order to enrich themselves in the culture.
Advisors:  Mr. Zander

H.E.A.L. Club

The Helping our Earth through environmental Awareness and Love club is involved in numerous projects throughout the school year. The goal of this club is to make others aware of the important issues in our area.  The H.E.A.L. club sponsors events like the Coat Drive in the late fall.
Advisor:  Mr. Anderson

Health Club

Advisor:  Mr. Cournoyer, and Mr. VanHorn

Interact Club

The Interact Club is sponsored by the local Rotary Club and is geared towards helping the local and international community. Various service projects include volunteering at nursing homes, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and IMEC. The club also cooks healthy dishes for the North Andover Senior Center and raises money for projects such as building wells in Kenya, the Mission of Mercy, and several international charity organizations. The club is open to all NAHS students and it meets once every week on Mondays after school in room 2054.
Advisor:  Ms. C Carroll

Knight Time Fishing Club

All are welcome! The Knight Time Fishing Club is a group of fishing enthusiasts that gather to discuss a variety of topics that encompass freshwater angling, saltwater angling, ice fishing and fly fishing.  We work on creating our own lures and discuss fishing in local waters. Active members of the club have caught Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Pickerel, Pike, Carp and Catfish on excursions. In Knight Time Fishing you can bring your own gear or gear can be provided for our trips. Catch and release practiced.
Advisor: Mr. Nickerson in room 2050. 

Math Team

The North Andover High School Math Team is a talented group of students who enjoy tackling mathematical challenges. Freshmen as well as upperclassmen sharpen their problem-solving skills at weekly practices.  Monthly competitions versus other high schools take place October through March.  Members develop a true sense of teamwork by participating in the team competitions.
Advisor: Mr. Odell

Model United Nations

The Model UN Team begins each year researching current world events and learning parliamentary procedure.  They attend conferences and argue issues from the perspective fo one country.  They write resolutions and respond to invented crisis situations as they arise.
Advisor:  Mr. Myette

Multicultural Club

This club is involved in various activities, from fundraisers, to promoting diversity and a cosmopolitan outlook at NAHS. This club sponsors a FashionShow, Food Festival and an International Dance show. The club meets every Tuesday.
Advisors:  Foreign Language Department

National Honor Society - Johnson Chapter

The object of the Johnson Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to give service, to promote able leadership, and to encourage the development of character in North Andover High School students.  Candidates will have spent at least one (1) Trimester in North Andover High School and shall be members of the junior or senior class. 
Advisor:  Ms. Flanagan

Pep Band

The North Andover High School Pep Band helps bring enthusiasm to both the girls' and boys' home athletic contests.  The Pep Band plays after school on Fridays as the our students exit NAHS.
Advisor:  Mr. Smalley

Peer Tutoring

Advisor:  Ms. C Carroll

Philosophy Club

Advisor:  Mr. Delmonico

Ping Pong Club

The Ping Pong Club meets twice a week and provides opportunity for students of all grades to participate in the fun and competitive sport of ping pong.  Experts can enjoy the experience of playing against some of the school's best while novices can appreciate learning the rules of ping pong as well as the tricks of the trade.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club is an extension of the Robotics class.  Students work in small groups to design, build and program robotic solutions to a given problem.  Students participate in several competitions with other schools.
Advisor:  Mr. Motherway

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Students will help other students to learn that positive peer pressure, role modeling and environmental strategies can prevent destructive decisions and set a healthier, safer course for their lives.  SADD is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions - particularly underage drinking, drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence and teen suicde.
Advisor:  Ms. Wolf

Scarlet and Black Singers (Honors Chorus)

Scarlet and Black Singers is a select small choir of honors singers.  Repetoire consists of everything from madrigals to 21st century music, including music from various genres and cultures.  The Scarlet and Black Singers perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts, in and out of state festivals, caroling at local nursing homes, and other various commuity events.  Students must be enrolled in the Scarlet and Black Singers coursse.  Students must audition for the Scarlet and Black Singers.
Advisor:  Ms. Durkin

Science League

The Science League consists of students who have a strong interest in Science.  They practice once a week from September to March in preparation for two competitions.  They compete in the Massachusetts Regional Science Bowl and the New England Blue Lobster Ocean Sciences Bowl.
Advisor: Science Dept

Self-Defense Club

The Self-Defense Club is an after school activity for any student interested in not only learning about ways to affectively and safely defend themselves, but also participate in a variety of activities to improve their muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, self confidence and social/emotional wellness.  The club meets 2-3 a week for 1 hour each time.  Professionals from outside NAHS will be volunteering their time to come in to work with students as well.  Students will participate in warm up activities such as stretching, running, push-ups, sit-ups and other dynamic exercises.  From there students will learn different techniques from a variety of martial arts such as jujitsu, judo, and mauy tai.  This club is a great opportunity for students to come together to improve individual fitness levels as well as connect with other students.
Advisor:  Mr. Cournoyer 

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club celebrates the richness and diversity of the people and the cultures of the Spanish speaking world.  Typical activities are cooking internatinal foods, watching films, and observing traditional holidays and celebrations.  The club also sponsors the "Spanish Workshop" at the North Andover Senior Center.
Advisor:  TBA

Spirit Club

The Spirit Club is responsible for the annual pep rally, an event that takes place during school on the day before Thanksgiving break. The performance includes dances, music, and a skit. We invite the cheerleaders, Dance Club, Step Team, and Pep Band to perform that day as well.

This club is open to juniors and seniors only and the group meets every Sunday night from 7 to 9 p.m. in the school's gymnasium, from the second week of September to the performance day (November 23rd this year). It is a lot of work and the students are in expected to build the set, choreograph the dances, and write the script (all with a little help, of course). Parents are invited to the dress rehearsal on the night before the big day.
Advisors:  Ms. Lamkin and Mr. Meehan

Student Council

The North Andover High School Student Council is an organization committed to planning activities thorughout the school year.  The Student Council is comprised of approximately 25 students, who offer their time, thoughts, and creativity to making bigger and better events that unite the high school community.  The Student Council proudly hosts school dances, the annual Talent Show, the Halloween Costume Contest, Class Elections, February ValentineFest, and Operation Donation.  The Student Council also donates up to 5 scholarships every year to qualifying seniors.
Advisor:  Mr. Meehan

The Knight (Yearbook)

The yearbook, which is called "The Knight", is designed to capture a look back on each graduating class and their most memorable times at North Andover High School. A collection of faculty, class pictures, clubs, activities, sports, candids and parent messages to graduating seniors are included each year.

Students learn how to layout pages for publishing, solicit advertisements, and fundraise for the publication to help defray the cost of the book. Producing a yearbook teaches the student how to run a small business, communicate with others, and work together to meet deadlines.
Advisor:  Ms. Wolf

The Wall (Student Newspaper)

The Wall is the student newspaper of North Andover High School.  Student writers, photographers and editors produce a newspaper for the school community once a month.  Articles cover the events happening at the school and topics of concern and interest to its students.  Meetings are monthly and anyone can join at any time.  Involvement and commitment can vary with some students writing an article every couple of months and others taking a leadership role in planning and production of the newspaper.  Interested writers and photographers are encouraged to join.
Advisor:  Ms. Caffrey Zwinggi and Ms. Morley

Wind Ensemble (Honors Band)

The Wind Ensemble is a select concert band ensemble.  As a member of this honors ensemble students will perform high-level, artistic performances of major literature for wind and percussion.  Typically students perform in multiple venues including the Winter and Spring concerts, festival opportunities in and out of state.  During the first Trimester the Wind Ensemble combines with the Symphonic Band to perform as the Scarlet Knights Marching Band.  Students must be enrolled in the Wind Ensemble course.  Students must audition for the Wind Ensemble.
Advisor:  Mr. Smalley