Reconsidering Class Rank

"By choosing to report an official rank for all seniors, you are putting a vast majority of your students at a clear disadvantage when applying to college." –Andrew Carter, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, College of the Holy Cross

In the fall of 2015 Andrew Carter shared these words with the staff at North Andover High School. Many members of the high school staff were shocked by his comments and wanted to know more. As a result, the guidance department and a few parents started to research the topic. Although most colleges claimed that they would use a student’s class rank to determine admission (if provided), many also said that it is not critical and that many high schools (over 50% in the U.S.)  have already moved away from providing a class rank. In fact, according to the 2016 Boston Magazine’s top Massachusetts high schools, the top 15 high schools in Massachusetts do not calculate class rank.

Steve Nugent, Director of Guidance, and Chet Jackson, Principal of NAHS, discussed the benefits of moving away from ranking students during the Feb 8th, 2018 School Committee Meeting:

A summary of the proposal, FAQs, and supplementary information are available below:

Currently, class rank is determined by a student’s grade point average. The official GPA and Class Rank are calculated at the end of the third (3rd) trimester junior year. The determination of the Valedictorian and the Salutatorian are made at the end of the second (2nd) trimester senior year. (Source: NAHS Program of Studies)