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                         JOB BOARD LAST UPDATED ON 1/7/2021

High Sierra Pools - Summer Job Opporunity   POSTED 10/6/2020

We are offering summer employent and lifeguard certification for individuals who are sixteen years of age and older.  Our management knows the company's greatest resource is our staff, and we strive to build solid teams that will make each workday safe and enjoyabe for both themselves and their patrons.

Lifeguarding for High Sierra Pools is more than just a job:  It is the chance to be an integral part of a community and a role model to the youth that swim there.  High Sierra Pools' lifeguards and staff ensure he safety of hundreds of pools and thousands of patrons.  The skills that we give our lifeguards are lifesaving ones that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.  We employ year-round professionals for people who are eighteen and older, as well as qualified seasonal staff focused on our core value of safety, service and teamwork.

If this summer opportunity is of interest to you, please contact:

Lela Mainland/Staffing Coordinator

High Sierra Pools, Inc.

100 Magazine St, Unit 4

Boston, MA 02119

P: 617-514-0550.  F: 617-892-4295.  C: 857-271-6041

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Continental Pools Incorporate (Management & Service)  POSTED ON 12/7/2020

Continental Pools is a swimming pool management and construction company, providing a safe facility for patrons and clients.  We are hiring students, 16 years of age and older, to be become pool managers and lifeguards at facilities located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode island. This is for a position for Summer 2021.  As a lifeguard with Continental Pools, students will become certified in CPR, Rescue Breathing and First Aid.  

If this summer opportunity is of interest to you, please contact:

Katarina Dordevic

Lifeguard Experience Director


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Well Water Connection, Inc. - Job Opportunities - POSTED ON 12/17/20

Well Water Connection, Inc. is a family-owned, customer service focused company located Route 114 in North Andover, MA.  The company provides innovative solutions to water-related problems experienced by property owners.  Their unique approach combines professional project management with competent, highly skilled water well contractors and related professionals.

Mr. Larson, the owner, is expanding his company and has part-time openings available to high school students in the areas of data entry, warehousing, and apprentice training positions in installations and other areas of the company.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact Mr. Larson directly.

Mr. John Larson

Founder and Owner

cell:  978-804-5146 

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North Parish Church of North Andover - Part-time Job Opportunity - POSTED ON 1/7/21

North Parish Church is looking for a high school student to work part-time after school and/or weekends as an IT/Streaming Coordinator.   The candidate would be responsible for developing and maintaining operating procedures for Zoom/Online presentation including the weekly Sunday service.  He/she would provide user training to designated individuals, provide troublshooting and post-production support such as editing videos to remove sensitive and copyright material.  Minimum requirements:  extensive knowledge of MS/Apple, Zoom broadcast functions, vMix video production software, YouTube, Facebook, and streaming API's, audio and visual equipment, and have good oral and written communication skills.

If you are interested in applying please contact Gary Muldoon at



Work Permits

Work permits can be obtained at the North Andover High School main office.

For information please see the Student Work Permits page.