What connects the Christmas Truce of 1914, the Great Green Wall in Africa, Race Amity, and the Irish Troubles?

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Kathleen Keenan, Stevens Memorial Library Director 


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November 7, 2019

What connects the Christmas Truce of 1914, the Great Green Wall in Africa, Race Amity, and the Irish Troubles?

North Andover, MA - 

Don Mullan is the answer. Don will be in North Andover Tuesday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the North Andover High School. 

Don Mullan, founder of Hope Initiatives International, is an Irish investigative journalist, author, movie/documentary producer, and humanitarian worker. Don will be in North Andover to speak about the Christmas Truce of 1914 and the efforts to have the area named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Don speak about these events and his other work Tuesday evening. This public program is free and open to all. Registration is recommended via the Library’s calendar www.StevensMemLib.org or call the Library at 978-688-9505 ext. 42016.

A search on “Don Mullan” may bring up his most famous book Eyewitness Bloody Sunday or the Sundance Award winning movie Bloody Sunday, about the Irish Troubles. It may bring up the Christmas Truce of 1914 and the Flanders Peace Field Project, Don’s work to create a UNESCO World Heritage site, whose goal is remind people of our common humanity even during the trauma of war and a place to make a commitment to a shared future.  

Or, you will find yourself watching a BBC video about Africa’s Great Green Wall, a project to plant trees in 11 countries spanning the Sahara east to west, whose aim is to halt the desertification of the continent. What is Don’s connection to Africa? The Laudato Tree Project in Ireland. The Irish government has pledged 1.2 million Euros to the Green Wall. 

Following Don’s talk in North Andover, he will be a presenter at the National Center Race Amity Conference (https://raceamity.org/race-amity-conferences/). Don’s conference program connects the stories of African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who left the U.S. for his safety, with Daniel O’Connell. While in Ireland, Douglass heard 19th century Irish leader Daniel O’Connell, known as “the Liberator,” speak about the civil rights issues there. 

Daniel O’Connell would recognize a kindred spirit if he met Don Mullan, for O’Connell described himself as

"I am the friend of liberty in every clime, class and color. My sympathy with distress is not confined within the narrow bounds of my own green island. No—it extends itself to every corner of the earth. My heart walks abroad, and wherever the miserable are to be succored, or the slave to be set free, there my spirit is at home, and I delight to dwell.”

For more information about Don Mullan and Hope Initatives International, visit donmullan.org

Don Mullan’s evening program is the culminating event of North Andover Reads. The Stevens Memorial Library and the North Andover School District partner each year for North Andover Reads, aimed at bringing our community together through literature and events around a common theme.  

This year we learn about and celebrate the many people who served in World Wars I and II as soldiers, nurses, ambulance drivers, code breakers, phone operators and more – our R.A.I.S.E. Service value.  For more information about North Andover Reads, visit nak12.net/NAReads

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