May 2017

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Dear Sargent Parents,

I hope all is well. Finally we are having some nice weather for a change. We had a very active APRIL at the Sargent. Grade 3, 4 and 5 began the next generation MCAS tests. (See below for MCAS testing schedule and details.) Nice work all students and test administrators involved. Keep up the good work. We had our Kindergarten Registration for 17-18 Kindergarten parents. Great fun to meet many parents for the first time as they ready their oldest for Kindergarten! (We also had many regulars as well as the siblings come of schooling age.) Our annual Spring Book Fair was a great success as was the Books Fair’s Extended Hours where families came to enjoy local favorite “Vic and Sticks” with their own brand of interactive music. Thanks you Sargent PTO for organizing. We had a very successful Art Fair/Social where Sargent students displayed their creativeness in the halls of the Sargent. It was a wonderful night and with the closing of the fields in NA due to rain that evening, we were at capacity! It was wonderful to see everyone and several of our former students stopped by to enjoy the art, ice cream and slush.  Finally, in the spirit of spring cleaning, the PTO put together a crew of Sargent students and parents to clean up the school grounds over April Break. The place looks great! Finally, our Sargent fifth graders worked with fellow NA fifth graders for the “Drop it and Go” event at NAMS the last Saturday in April. It was a great month.

For MAY, we keep on trucking increasing toward the end of the school year. We kick off the month with Staff Appreciation Week where parents and the PTO go out of their way to make the educators of Sargent feel appreciated. This month’s PTO meeting/get together/social is on 5/3 @ 7PM at Jaimie’s Restaurant in NA. All Sargent parents are welcomed. Grade 3, 4 and 5 students will continue their MCASing (See schedule below). Good luck upper grade students! Our grade level Academic Nights/Get Togethers will be in full force and are a great way to see the level of learning that occurred throughout the year. (See schedule below for grade level dates and times.). We have a bevy of grade level field trips, end-of-year parties, NASEC/RAISE Assemblies, etc., etc. in May and June. (Please check out the calendar below for specific information) As they do annually, the NA Fire Department will be coming out to Sargent to work with K, 1st and 2nd graders on Fire Safety. NO SCHOOL for Kindergartners on 5/25 & 5/26 as next year’s (17-18) Kindergartners have their screenings. Always great to meet our soon to be newbie students and parents. This month’s RAISE assembly we will be learning how to use our new “Buddy Bench” which will be located in the playground! I’m sure the kids will be buzzing about it. The annual NAPS Special Olympics takes place in the morning of 5/23 at NAHS. This is always a wonderful event at the NAHS if you can make it. Early Release days this month are 5/10 & 5/24. Dismissal on these days is 1:45 PM.

Below are a few other important points of note:

  • EARLY RELEASES. There are TWO early releases this month: 5/10 and 5/24. Student dismissal on these Wednesdays is 1:45 PM.

  • Academic Nights (1-5)/Get Togethers (K): Over the last few months of the year we have our grade level Academic Nights. These events as they are great opportunities for students to show their stuff! The schedule is below:


5/16 1:30-2:30 PM Young Author’s Day


K2-6/6 9:30-10:30 AM Young Author’s Day


6/2 9:45-10:45 AM Young Author’s Day


K4- 6/1 9:45-10:45 AM– Young Author’s Day

Grade 1

5/24, 6-7 PM

Grade 2

5/25, 6-7 PM

Grade 3

5/9, 6-7 PM

Grade 4

5/4, 6:30-7:30 PM

Grade 5

6/8, 6-7 PM

  • MCAS 2. The final Sargent MCAS testing dates are as follows:






4/4, 4/5, 4/6

5/16, 5/17



4/25, 4/26, 4/27

5/18, 5/19



4/25, 4/26, 4/27

5/18, 5/19

5/22, 5/23

      • All grade third, fourth and fifth grade parents are asked to please refrain from scheduling doctor’s appointments, family vacations, etc. during MCAS testing days/sessions.
  • School Spirit Days Remaining: The Sargent Student Council has scheduled  two school spirit days for the remainder of the year. The first has community service involved. On 5/12, we will have “Helping Hat Day” where Sargent students and staff can pay 50 cents and wear any (school appropriate) that they wish. The 50 cent donation will be collected and go to Project Entertain (an organization started by a former Sargent student) that raises money to provide entertainment to local nursing homes. On 6/16 is “Crazy Outfit Day” where students can dress up in crazy/unusual/different outfits for the day. Again, school appropriateness is a virtue, but I think some of our kids (and adults) can come up with some pretty crazy outfits to wear to school that day!

  • UPCOMING IMPORTANT SARGENT CALENDAR DATES (Please visit “Important Dates” section of website regularly for date adds, subtractions, changes, etc.).


*Staff Appreciation Week


*PTO Meeting

7:00 PM / Jamies


Grade 5 Field Trip to Strawberry Banke


Gr. 4 Academic Night

6:30 PM / Cafe


2A & 2D Field Trip to Johnson Cottage


NASEC Assembly: WhaleMobile. Gr. 1 (Students only)

8:45 AM / Cafe


Grade 3 Academic Night

6-7 PM / TBA


Early Release

1:45PM / Sargent


Grade 1 Lights and Lasers Presentation (Students only)


2B & 2C Field Trip to Johnson Cottage


School Spirit Day: Helping Hat Day (See description above.)


RAISE Assembly (Students and staff only)

1:30-2:15 PM / Gym


Fire Safety Grades K, 1, 2

TBA / Cafe

5/16 & 17

MCAS Grade 3 Math

5/18 & 19

MCAS Grade 4&5 Math

5/22 & 5/23

MCAS Grade 5 Science and Tech.


NA Special Education Olympics



Early Release

1:45PM / TBA


Gr. 1 Academic Night

6-7 PM / TBA


Gr. 2 Academic Night

6-7 PM / TBA

5/25 & 5/26


All Day / K wing


NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)


Gr. 5 Understanding Our Differences Assembly (Learning Dis.) (Students only)

8:40-10:55 PM / Cafe


Understanding Our Differences Assembly, Gr. 3, (Blindness) (Students only)

8:40-10:55 AM / Cafe


K-4 Young Author’s Day

9:45 AM / K4


*Volunteer Thank You Breakfast for Parents “moving on” to NAMS

8AM / Library


K-3 Young Author’s Day

9:45 AM / K3


Breakfast Buddies

AM / Cafe


Field Day (Students only)

TBA / Sargent Fields


NAMS move up day for grade 5


Gr. 3 Field Trip Wenham Museum


Gr. 4 Field Trip Museum of Science


Early Release

1:45PM / Sargent


Grade 5 Academic Night

6-7 PM/ classrooms & cafe


Field Day (Rain Date) (Students only)

 6/12         Fire House Presentation for K & 2 All day at various times / black top


NASEC Assembly: 3-5 UNH Red Wagon Performance (Students and staff only)

8:45-9:30/ Cafe


Grade 3 End of Year Party



Flag Day (Students and staff only)

AM / Blacktop


Brooks Day Field Trip for grade 5


NASEC Assembly: K-2 UNH Red Wagon Performance (Students and staff only)

1:35-2:20 PM/ Cafe


Kindergarten End of Year Party

11-12 / Reynolds


Brooks Field Trip Grade 5 (Rain Date)


School Spirit Day: Crazy Outfit Day


Grade 2 End of Year Party

11-12 noon / Sargent Garden


Gr. 1 End of Year Party

1:15-2:15 PM / near tree outside


Gr. 4 End of Year Party

12:16-1:01 / field near pick up


Final RAISE Assembly (Students and staff only)

1:30 PM / Gym


Last Day of School/Half Day/11:50 STUDENT dismissal

("Clap Out" in AM for grade 5 students. Grade 5 parents invited.)

11:50 PM student dismissal / Sargent


Please remember that Sargent teachers and I are here to ensure that the Sargent children receive a quality education academically, socially and emotionally. To that end, no problem that comes up that is getting in the way of this education is too big or too small for us to know. If you have a question or concern, please contact us. Social media is a wonderful tool, but it does not take the place of a strong and open connection/relationship with your son or daughter’s teacher, counselor, principal and school. Contact directly your child's teacher, the counselor or myself with any and all school-related problems, concerns or questions about your child. The “Communication ‘Go To’ Information Chart” on the Sargent Website is another resource that can assist you with specific contact information. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to ensure your son or daughter has a successful experience at the Sargent School. Again, no problem is too big or small.


Ed Foster

Annie L. Sargent Elementary School Principal