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Principal Lahey's Monthly Update For November

posted Nov 21, 2017, 1:25 PM by Hillary Stasonis
Dear Sargent Families, 

The holiday season always makes me reflect on the kindness of others. I feel truly blessed to be the principal of Sargent School. I wish the very best for my teachers and staff all year, but this week their impact is especially felt as I pause and think of these past months and the gratitude I feel for them as I navigate my first year as Principal. They are a gift beyond measure to me. 

I believe school should be fun. I can say with confidence that each person that engages with your children works hard to foster joyful learning in every regard. Our staff is comprised of a diverse and talented team. They are a team of educators that plan the learning, work daily to provide a safe and thoughtful learning environment, and nurture friendships so everyone feels included. The staff here at Sargent work tirelessly to ensure that your children enjoy success. I
am so proud and grateful for of each of them. 

Additionally, during this time of thankfulness, I want to acknowledge the value I place on the active partnership you have generously offered as parents supporting our school. We are grateful for your communication and support of our efforts in leading the learning that happens here each day. The gift of your volunteerism has had enormous impact on our staff, and, ultimately our students. This was most recently evidenced by the huge turnout for our fifth grade fundraiser, Mama Mia Pasta Ria last week. The evening was so fun and a testament to the many hours of planning and executing by so many parents. The culmination of your efforts was seen on the faces of our 5th graders as they strutted their stuff as singers, waiters and caring friends. It was a memory maker for each student and adult there! 

This week marked the start up of our Book Fair. As my mother often reminded my six siblings and me, “many hands make light work.” It has been inspiring to see the “many hands” so many of you have offered during such a busy week of preparation at your own homes for Thanksgiving. You are modeling and supporting your children in powerfully, positive ways and we are grateful. 

We have begun our Understanding Our Differences program. This year third, fourth, and fifth graders have the privilege of attending this program. NAPAC (North Andover Parent Advisory Council) collaborates with the North Andover school district to continually improve the educational opportunities available within our schools. NAPAC has put together a hands-on program so that third, fourth, and fifth graders will attend the program twice this year and focus on different topics. So far, fifth grade has attended a session on autism, fourth grade has attended a session on physical disabilities, and third grade will be attending a session on
deafness. This inspiring work directly supports our goal of inclusion in tangible and meaningful ways for our students. Thank you to the many volunteers for this gift. 

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I do not have to look far to see the many people I am grateful to know and work with. Thank you for the wondrous ways you have supported each other with the shared vision of modeling and giving generous, thoughtful, support to all students who are the faces of this amazing Sargent family. On behalf of each member of this inspiring Sargent Staff, I hope you and your family enjoy a loving and joyful Thanksgiving!