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Vision and hearing screening has begun at Thomson for all  students. In addition to vision and hearing, grade one and four students have growth screenings (height, weight and BMI).  If you would like to exclude your child from any of these screenings, please send a note to the school nurse.  While we do pick up vision or hearing issues during the screenings, these screenings do not replace the  diagnostic exam performed by an eye doctor or audiologist. If your child does not pass the school vision or hearing screening, you will be notified that your child needs to be referred to a specialist for further evaluation. It is important to make an appointment and return the referral form to the nurse's office when completed so that we can keep your child's health record up to date and make any recommended educational accommodations.
 If you would like to obtain the results of your first or fourth grade child's growth screening (BMI), please contact the school nurse.

FLU 2018

The flu season is almost here.  It is recommended by the CDC that all children age 6 months and older and adults get the flu shot.  You can obtain the flu shot from your PCP or any local pharmacy.
North Andover will host a Family Flu Clinic on Tuesday October 30 at North Andover High School in the Field House from 5 - 7 pm.
For more information click on the following: The Flu: A Guide for Parents

ATTENTION GRADE 5 PARENTS:  Scoliosis Screening Dates
Scoliosis Screening will be conducted in 5th Grade  PE classes on the following dates:
Monday January 28 - Mrs. Schmidt
Tuesday January 29 - Miss LeBlanc
Wednesday January 30 - Mrs. Lee

If you do not want your child to participate in this state mandated screening, you will need to provide physician documentation of the date and result of latest screening before these dates. 

 School Nurse 

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