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Announcing Our New Website!

During the week of July 18th we moved to a new website platform in anticipation of Google discontinuing their Classic Google Sites platform later this year. We are excited about many of the features of our new website and our ability to provide a much better browsing experience for users on mobile devices!

What are the new features?

News & Announcements
On most of the pages with news, you will notice that you can now sort and filter by topic. You can also easily access the RSS feed for each news page and subscribe by email.

It is now easier to filter the calendars, toggle between list and grid view, and get more information about an event.

Better Accessibility
The new website is a responsive design, so it will scale to fit screens of any size. Did you know more than half of our website visitors are on a mobile device? Maybe that's you! If so, we hope you enjoy this better experience. Also, there are significantly fewer instances of content being embedded in a Google Doc on the website. This is not only better for mobile viewers, but makes searching for content and using assistive technology devices easier too.

How do I access old content?

All relevant and current information was migrated to our new platform. However, there may be a need for visitors to access older information or historical items. We will continue to provide access to archived content on the old platform at until Google terminates the service in December 2021. 

It looks like each school has its own site?

Yes, in a way, they do! Each one of our schools has a subdomain of their own. This allows visitors to have a customized experience and the ability to easily bookmark the school(s) that their children attend. Relevant District news and other content is syndicated across all of the schools' websites. You can always toggle between schools by using the menu in the upper right corner.