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Upcoming School Capacity Public Forums

We are pleased to announce that the North Andover School Committee voted September 23rd to recommend the following school projects to the North Andover Facilities Master Planning Committee:

  • Renovate and add capacity to the North Andover Middle School
  • Renovate and add capacity to Atkinson Elementary
  • Renovate and add capacity to Franklin Elementary, including a new gym
  • Build a new Kittredge on the same site as the existing Kittredge
  • Build a gym for the ABECC on the site of the preschool playground and relocate the preschool playground next to the kindergarten playground

These projects are critical to the success of our students going forward. They address our most pressing needs by allowing us, to impact class size while building capacity for future growth; to create 21st century learning spaces that include appropriate space for student support and specialists; to ensure equity in education for North Andover students across the district; and to address ADA and code requirements in our oldest schools, including retiring the portable classrooms that are well past their expected use.
Moving forward, we will be presenting the details of these projects at public forums to be held at the schools and other locations around town. Our consultants, the Mount Vernon Group, who have extensive experience in promoting, designing, and managing school projects, will be working with us throughout the process. We are also excited to be partnering with Melissa Rodrigues, our Town Manager, who has indicated she is very supportive of these projects and will work with us to make them a reality.
The schedule for the public forums is as follows:

  • October 18 (6:00-8:00 PM) Atkinson Elementary 
  • October 19 (6:00-8:00 PM) Franklin Elementary
  • October 25 (6:00-8:00 PM) Kittredge Elementary
  • October 26 (6:00-8:00 PM) North Andover Middle School
  • November 4 (1:00 -3:00 PM) North Andover Senior Center
  • November 8 (7:00 PM) Select Board Meeting at Town Hall
  • November 9 (6:00 - 8:00 PM) ABECC (Bradstreet) 
  • December 1 (7:00 - 9:00 PM) North Andover Youth Center 

We hope you are able to join us at one of the public forums to learn more about these important projects and to have any of your questions answered. You can also learn more by visiting the School Capacity Projects web page on the district website.

Thank you for your continued support.