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Elementary Districts by Street

To determine which elementary school your child will attend*, please consult the matrix below or open it in a new window. Find your street in the first column, and look across the row for the transportation code to see what district you are in. Please note that some streets are divided into more than one district. Use your street number to determine your district.

How to Use This Table

To determine school transportation eligibility as well as to determine the public elementary school a particular address is assigned to.

E = eligible for town funded transportation
N = not eligible for town funded but may participate in paid busing
PX = not eligible for transportation due to the proximity to school
numbers = Funded transportation available for the address numbers specified








NAMS 6th

St Mikes

ABBOTT ST 106-416

PX   106-383 E

Elementary students living at 106-416 Abbott Street are not eligible for transportation due to the proximity to Sargent School and 6th grade students living at house number 106-383 are eligible for town funded transportation


*Due to large enrollment numbers in some grade levels, new students may be reassigned from their area school to an alternate North Andover Elementary School.