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Eureka K-6 Resources

Introducing Eureka Math!

Starting in the fall of 2017, NAPS will be using Eureka Math as the core math resource for grades K-6.  Please read this Parent Letter from September 2017 to learn more. 

Math Grade Level Overviews & Tip Sheets

  • The grade level overview provides the highlights for the year. 
  • K-6 Parent Tip Sheets are provided by the Eureka Publisher Greatminds and are aligned with each module of Eureka. Note, grade levels do not have the same number of modules.

Homework Helpers

Eureka sells Homework Helpers books which include sample problems for each homework assignment.  

NAPS has purchased these for teacher and student use. Due to copyright restrictions, these files are only available to access when using an @northandoverpublicschools account.  All students and staff have an account. After clicking on the links below, you might be prompted to log in to your NAPS Google account.  If you are logged in with another account, your screen will give you two options and you should select "switch accounts" rather than "request access."

Families can view their student’s Google account info from the Powerschool Parent Portal. It is listed under “Demographics” toward the bottom of the page. If you forget your user account information there is a way to retrieve it on the sign in page.

PASSWORD PROTECTED DOCUMENTS - You must be logged in to NAPS Google account (student or staff) to access.
Homework Helpers Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Module 1 GK Module 1 G1 Module 1 G2 Module 1 G3 Module 1 G4 Module 1 G5 Module 1 G6 Module 1
Module 2 GK Module 2 G1 Module 2 G2 Module 2 G3 Module 2 G4 Module 2 G5 Module 2 G6 Module 2
Module 3 GK Module 3 G1 Module 3 G2 Module 3 G3 Module 3 G4 Module 3 G5 Module 3 G6 Module 3
Module 4 GK Module 4 G1 Module 4 G2 Module 4 G3 Module 4 G4 Module 4 G5 Module 4 G6 Module 4
Module 5 GK Module 5 G1 Module 5 G2 Module 5 G3 Module 5 G4 Module 5 G5 Module 5 G6 Module 5
Module 6 GK Module 6 G1 Module 6 G2 Module 6 G3 Module 6 G4 Module 6 G5 Module 6 G6 Module 6
Module 7 only 6 modules only 6 modules G2 Module 7 G3 Module 7 G4 Module 7 only 6 modules only 6 modules
Module 8 only 6 modules only 6 modules G2 Module 8 only 7 modules only 7 modules only 6 modules only 6 modules