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How to Subscribe to Calendars

If you prefer to view upcoming events in your own personal Google calendar or in an app such as iCal, Outlook, or a calendar app on your phone, you can also subscribe to the NAPS calendars. Events will automatically appear in your calendar as they are added, and they will automatically change when/if they are modified.


Step One: Get the URL

First, on the Calendar page, click on the Feed icon. It looks like this: 
gray feed icon

You will then see a pop-up window which shows you the list of all available calendars. When you hover over the green ICAL icon you will have the option to select a standard iCal URL, a Google iCal URL, or a webcal address, which will open the calendar in your device's default calendar app. The first two options, if clicked, will fill in a box with the appropriate URL to an ics file, which you can copy into your calendar or Google Calendar. The last option will by-pass Step Two below, and open the app that you have set-up to be your default calendaring application. Keep in mind this link might behave differently depending on which browser you are using and how you have it configured.

Step Two: Add ICS URL to your Calendar App

For Google Users:

  • In your calendar, on the left hand side, go to "Other Calendars" and click on the plus sign (+)
  • Select "From URL" and then paste in the URL that you copied from Step One above.

Other Apps:

  • Most calendar applications support an ICS file supplied by a URL.
  • Look for the place to "add", "subscribe" or "follow" a calendar in your application.
  • When prompted to supply a URL or web address for the ICS file, paste in the iCal URL that you copied from Step One above.