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Consent / Opt-Out Forms

Use of Hand Sanitizer

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent COVID-19 and other illnesses, and when your students return to school, they will be asked to wash their hands throughout the school day to help keep themselves and others healthy. Hand washing is the preferred method for removing germs however, soap and water is not always readily available. When hand washing is not possible, students will be asked to use hand sanitizer at school; alcohol based hand sanitizers work by killing certain germs that “sit” on the skin.  

Hand sanitizers are considered to be over the counter (OTC) medications. You that you have the ability to opt your child out of using hand sanitizer at school. Please see the letter below for instructions on how to opt-out.

Hand Sanitizer Use

Consent to Test

As we begin the 2021-22 school year, we will be offering our COVID-19 testing program at school which will provide an extra layer of protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This program has two components:

  • Symptomatic testing for students who show symptoms of COVID-19 at school and
  • Test and Stay for students who may have been exposed while in school but are not showing symptoms.

Each of these is a quick, non-invasive nasal swab that is collected by a school nurse or trained health provider.

Symptomatic testing is used when a student is showing symptoms of COVID-19 during school; students should not come to school if they are feeling sick while at home. Some symptoms of the virus look identical to other illnesses like the cold or flu, and this test will indicate whether a symptomatic student has COVID-19 or not. This is a rapid test, and we receive the results of this test within 15 minutes. If a student has minimal symptoms and tests negative, they may remain in school.

Test and Stay allows students who have had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 while at school to stay in school if the student is not showing symptoms. Instead of needing to quarantine and miss school, these students will take a daily rapid test while they remain in school as long as they are not symptomatic. Students participate in test and stay for at least five days after they may have been exposed. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they must quarantine at home for the CDC-recommended ten days since symptoms appeared or ten days since the positive test before returning to school. The student must also be without a fever for 24 hours. 

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has partnered with CIC Health to provide free COVID-19 testing to students, teachers, and staff. Only students with permission from a parent or guardian may participate in the testing program. If you would like to participate, click on the link below to go to the CIC website and fill out their consent form.

CIC Consent to Test