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Driver Education

Services provided by the Commonwealth Auto School

Contact Information:


Phone:  978) 258-1709

Address:   4 High St Suite 216, North Andover, MA 01845


1.   MONDAY, July 15, 2024 - FRIDAY, July 19, 2024 (Online)
     Start Time: 8:30 AM | End Time: 3 PM

2. Weekdays:   Tuesday & Thursday Class (2 Hours - 15 Days):

     TUESDAY, September 10, 2024 - TUESDAY, October 29, 2024
     Start Time: 7 PM | End Time: 9 PM

To Register:  Please click on the red online portal tab at the top of the page.

Cost:  $675 - Includes

30 Hours in-class Instructions

Prepare for your learner's permit exam, road lessons, and ace the road test on your first attempt with Commonwealth Auto School's comprehensive driver's education program. Our primary focus is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become safe drivers at all times. This program is designed to meet the requirements set by the Registry of Motor Vehicles for obtaining a Junior Operator License, which is available to drivers between the ages of 16.5 and 18 years old. To enroll in our driver's education class, students must be at least 15 years and 9 months old.

Please note that all fees must be paid in advance before the commencement of the class.

12 Hours Behind the Wheel Training

During each lesson, the student will engage in a 90-minute driving session. To participate in these lessons, the student must be 16 years of age or older and possess a valid Learner's Permit.

6 Hours of Observation

As mandated by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the student will fulfill the requirement of observing another driver for a total of 6 hours. This observation period is included as part of the road lessons and is covered under the pre-pay option as well.

2 Hours Parent Class

It is mandatory for a parent to attend a 2-hour class where they will learn about Junior Operator Laws and safe driving habits. However, this requirement can be waived if the parent has already completed the same class within the past five years. In such cases, a certification of completion from another auto school must be provided.

Please note that all fees and account balances must be settled prior to the issuance of the Driver's Education Certificate. To facilitate this process, we offer a pre-pay option that includes all necessary fees.

Driver's Education Certificate

Upon successfully completing 30 hours of in-class instruction, 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training, 6 hours of observation, and attending the 2-hour parent class, the RMV will issue a Driver's Education Certificate.

Please note that all requirements must be fulfilled and all fees must be paid in full before the Driver's Education Certificate can be issued. To simplify the process, we offer a pre-pay option that includes all necessary fees.