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SAT Prep Classes

SAT Prep Course - In House 2024-2025

The SAT has gone digital, and the format has changed considerably. New strategies for taking the test as well as the material covered and the test expectations are different. Given all of this, there will be four separate sections offered for the October, December, March and May exams. The first session will be held for two consecutive weeks in August while the three six-week sessions will involve two, one hour and forty five minute classes per week. These are all are taught by Diane Bassett and Mary Gregoire, previous Math and English Department Chairpersons. Each class will consist of either a session of English or Math. Classes will involve help with strategies for students to employ while taking the test as well as subject-specific knowledge. Teachers will be available after each class to address individual student questions and concerns.

The course will include sessions with direct teacher instruction and will focus on the test format, commonly encountered question constructions, helpful test taking strategies, and subject-specific knowledge. Students will be expected to take practice SAT tests on their own, and some instruction will focus on the problems that students encounter with the exam. The four different sessions will be offered to accommodate student schedules. The courses are open to all students entering their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade years.

The book for the course is The 2024 Official Digital SAT Study Guide. It is a blue book that specifically states that it is the College Board book with the SAT label on the top left. This book contains all of the updated information for the test as well as practice sections for each session and four actual SAT exams as well as how to score them.

Please note that registration for this class does not register you for the SAT exam; rather you are required to register for the exam separately. Please contact North Andover High School.

Session I -(1:15 - 3:00pm) Monday through Friday the weeks of July 29th to August 9.This
session is specifically designed for students who have conflicts with athletics throughout the
year. The Saturday SAT exam will be held on October 5, while the senior in-school exam will be
held in September at a time to be determined.

Session II - (6:00-7:45pm) October 15, 17,  22,  24,  29 November 7, 12, 14,  19,  21 December 3rd
and 5th. The exam held on December 7th.

Session III - (6:00-7:45pm) January 21,  23,  28,  30 February 4,  6,  11  13,  25,  27 March 4,  6. Exam
held on March 8th.

Session IV- (6:00 - 7:45pm) March 18,  20,  25,  27, April 1,  3,  8,  10,  15,  17,  29 May 1. Exam held
on May 3.

Cost of the course is $400.00