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Health & Dental Plans


New GIC coverage and plans will take effect on July 1, 2023. Annual enrollment took place in April-May.

Please see the links below to the annual enrollment memo, the GIC Benefits Guide and to the new FY24 rate sheets. There are many changes to be aware of and to attend to as you review these resources. Please reach out with any questions you may have along the way.

Health benefits are offered through the Town of North Andover. All employees who regularly work 18.75 hours or more per work-week are eligible for health benefits through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC). Enrollment forms must be submitted within ten (10) calendar days of an employee's start date.

GIC rules require that coverage begins on the first day of the month following sixty (60) calendar days from the first date of employment or two calendar months (whichever comes first). New school year employees hired prior to September 2 begin coverage November 1. Because of this waiting period, there is an agreement with the Town for reimbursement. 

To help mitigate the cost of private pay or COBRA insurance during this gap period, the Town of North Andover has established a Waiting/Hiatus Period Stipend.  This agreement was established in cooperation with the Public Employee Committee (PEC). A stipend is available to newly-hired employees who have notified the Town within ten (10) calendar days of employment that they have chosen to enroll in one of the health insurance plans through the GIC.  The amount of the stipend will be equal to the employee’s portion of the monthly premium cost for the GIC Plan the employee has chosen to enroll in, up to a maximum of 80%, or the monthly cost of their alternative coverage - whichever is less. More information about the reimbursement process can be found here. 

MyGIC Link to submit forms

The GIC requires online access for submitting forms and making any changes to coverage during the year. Electronic signature tools are enabled, which speeds up the process considerably. Please let HR/Payroll/Benefits know that you are interested in a change or enrolling and we will send you a link via email to get things moving. Please reach out to Human Resources if you have any questions. 

2023 GIC Annual Enrollment Memo
First page of the PDF file: GICAnnualEnrollmentMemo2023
FY 24 GIC Rate Sheet for North Andover
First page of the PDF file: FY24GICRatesAll
2023-2024 Benefits Guide
First page of the PDF file: BenefitsDecisionGuideFY24

DENTAL: Delta Plus premier Insurance

North Andover offers voluntary dental coverage through the Delta Dental (Delta Plus Premier). Employees must work a minimum of 20-hours a week and can enroll in either the individual or family plan within 30 days of the date of hire or during open enrollment (held in November with an effective date of January 1). Typical coverage starts 30 days after the hire date and is deducted one-month before the effective date. Please see the link below; rates are on page one.