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Mindfulness/Meditation Resources

In this unprecedented time, anxiety and stress can run high. Routines have shifted, normal schedules aren't the norm, and figuring out how to connect with family and friends looks drastically different than it did a month ago. Mindfulness and meditation can be of assistance in these challenging times. To that end, we have recorded a brief introductory video along with a recorded guided meditation for any of our friends that might find meditation helpful at this time.


Guided meditation recording

Elizabeth Guilbeault has studied and taught meditation for more than 15 years. Her four children are currently students at the ABECC, Atkinson, and NAMS. You can find out more by visiting her website

Meditation Myths

  • Meditation needs at least 30 minutes to be effective 
  • Meditation requires quiet
  • Meditation equals eyes closed and sitting still

Meditation Truths

  • Sometimes a 30 second meditative reset can be as effective as a 30 minute meditation
  • Meditation can be done almost anytime and anywhere (ideally not while operating heavy machinery)
  • Meditation can be done with your eyes open or closed, while sitting, lying down, standing, or even walking/running (using the rhythm of walking/running and the connection to the earth to ground and center you)
  • Meditation takes practice

Meditation Benefits

  • “Meditation trains your mind to focus on the moment instead of worrying about what occurred in the past or what could happen in the future.” – Janet Nima Taylor author of Meditation for Nonmeditators
  • “One of the most important discoveries is that repeated practice tends to make seasoned practitioners far less attached to the ongoing narratives we make up about ourselves.” – Hugh Delehanty, "Meditators Under the Microscope", Mindful Magazine, December 2017
  • “In an on-going study at the University of North Caroline at Wilmington, scientists are teaching preschoolers yoga poses and meditations, and after just two weeks of practice, these kids have better attention, awareness, gratitude and happiness compared with a control group of children.” – Mandy Oaklander, "Om for Kids", Time Magazine Special Edition on Mindfulness, Spring 2017

Tips and Techniques

  • Make it fun – meditation doesn’t have to be serious – pause for a deep breath or  stand for a stretch break (touching your toes puts you in an inversion creating space for you to see things differently – upside down – sometimes a short shift in perspective changes everything)
  • Use visuals: 
    • Tree trunk for a grounding cord
    • Sitting on the stump of a tree and letting the stump ground you and support you
    • A gold sun shining down to energize you like it does the trees
    • A bubble around you to define your space 
    • A balloon filled with an intention or a wish – release it to the world 
  • Incorporate movement and color: 
    • Stand and swish arms around you in a circular motion to “ring” out stress
    • Imagine your favorite color showering down on you as if you were standing out in the rain – let it wash away any worry, fear, stress, anxiety you may have

Content courtesy of Elizabeth Guilbeault

Elizabeth Guilbeault has a BA in Spanish from Franklin and Marshall College, an MBA in Finance from Long Island University, and an MA in Human Services from Roosevelt University. She is certified in Hatha Yoga through The Temple of Kriya Yoga where she studied yoga and meditation along with practicing and learning meditation at Invision, both in Chicago, IL. She has also completed programs with YogaKids. Her background includes corporate experience in Human Resources primarily working in Training and Organizational Development. She gets to focus her attention on teaching meditation, intuitive classes, coaching, energy work and yoga in addition to working as a Realtor in the area. She has five children currently in the North Andover school system and does her best every day to practice the techniques she shares. To contact her directly, you can email her at or find her FB group page: Energy Work with Elizabeth, where she shares classes she is teaching and offers more meditation tips!