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Assessment Terms

Psycho-educational Evaluation

This refers to an evaluation that includes comprehensive cognitive and educational achievement testing. Practice at North Andover Public Schools is that the school psychologist conducts the cognitive testing and the special educator completes achievement testing.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

This is a psycho-educational evaluation that includes a more comprehensive assessment of both executive functioning and memory skills. A school psychologist can conduct most of this testing, but it is normally completed at parent cost by an outside provider.

Psychological Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment of a student’s cognitive, intellectual, adaptive, and/or social/emotional abilities. It is normally completed by a school psychologist.

Educational Assessment

This is a review of the student’s educational history, and current school performance in relation to grade level curriculum standards. Information for this assessment is gathered from parents, teachers, and school records. At North Andover Public Schools, this is completed by the special education liaison.

Health Assessment

This may include a review of health records and history. This is completed by the school nurse. However, more information is usually provided by a physician.

Home Assessment

A home visit may be recommended to gain more information about a given student’s needs, abilities, and challenges at home. This is normally done by a BCBA or school psychologist.

Functional Behavior Assessment

This is a process that identifies specific target behavior, the purpose of the behavior, and what factors maintain the behavior that is interfering with the student’s educational progress. This is conducted by a BCBA or school psychologist.