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Chromebook Information

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Changes to the Chromebook Program

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT Department did not provide Chromebooks for every student due to cost constraints. During the pandemic, funding became available to help districts purchase devices for all students. However, this funding is no longer available. To maintain the 1:1 program, we need to purchase a minimum of 600 devices annually, costing between $150,000 and $180,000, to replace those lost or damaged beyond repair. Due to a current budget shortfall, which has resulted in a $200,000 reduction in the IT Department's budget, we must implement changes to the Chromebook program.


  • Each classroom will be provided a charging station with 10 Chromebooks.
  • Coordinating with nearby classrooms can provide each student a device on days the teacher requires all students use a Chromebook at the same time.

Grades 1-5

  • 1 Cart of 30 Chromebooks will be provided for every 2 classrooms.
  • Teachers will coordinate the use of the Chromebook cart to ensure equitable access for all students.
  • 5 Chromebooks will be provided to each elementary library for use by students while in the library. The school librarian will manage these devices.

Grades 6-12

  • Each student is provided with a personal Chromebook and charger for educational use.
  • Basic repairs will be provided by IT Support Staff. If it appears that the device has been damaged due to abuse then the building principal will be involved to investigate and determine consequences.
  • A yearly $25 Technology Fee* will be assessed to help cover the costs associated with student 1:1 Chromebook Program. The fee is not intended as insurance against loss or damage.
  •  If a Chromebook is lost, the student or their parent/guardian will be responsible for a replacement cost of $250.
  • If a Chromebook is stolen, the parent/guardian must file a police report within 5 school days of the reported incident and submit a copy to the school office, otherwise it will be considered lost and the student or their parent/guardian will be responsible for a replacement cost of $250.
  • If a charger is not working, bring it in, and a replacement will be provided. Lost or missing chargers will be available for a cost of $25.

All fees and costs listed above will be considered and voted on by the School Committee. Once they have been approved more information will be provided.