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Little League RAISE Awards

Little League RAISE Awards 2017

North Andover Booster Little League in conjunction with North Andover Public Schools’ Building Respectful Community Committee had each spring team recognize a player with a RAISE award. Last year the AA division recognized their teams and the league has expanded it to four levels.

Teams recognized a player who is respectful, might not have the most skill, works hard, displays good sportsmanship and is a great teammate. The coaching staff of each team sets the criteria or chooses the award themselves. Below are our current recipients for the 2017 season. The pictures will be displayed on the Little League website and the School department website.

Major League - Grades 5-7

  • Cardinals: Daniel Agosto from Thomson School
  • Mets: Ryan Orth from Thomson School
  • Rangers: Aidan Cooke from Sargent School

AAA - Grade 4

  • Astros: Ellis Verminski from Sargent School
  • Athletics: Zach Lane from Sargent School
  • Cardinals: Nate Armondino from Franklin School
  • Mets: Jacob Cristiano from Thomson School
  • Pirates: Andrew Colon from Franklin School
  • Rangers: Joseph Scalisi from Sargent School 
  • Red Sox: Adam Ferry from Sargent School

AA - Grade 3

  • Astros: Connor McDonough from Thomson School
  • Indians: Charlie Hennessey from Franklin School
  • Mets: Paul Iannuccillo from Sargent School

A - Grade 2

  • Bats: Joey DiMinico from Franklin School
  • Bulls: Alex Sturtevant from Atkinson School
  • Lookouts: Kory Trombly from Thomson School
  • Rockhounds: Tucker Webb from Sargent School
  • Storm: Emma McDonough from Thomson School
  • Timber Rattlers: Cullen Cummings from Kittredge School
  • Thunder: Maverick Isidoro from Sargent School